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Singapore is a multi-racial and multi-religious society, which gives us an opportunity to experience different cultures and understand the true meaning behind every festive.
Approximately 65% of Hin Lee Contractor Trading Pte Ltd (HLCT) work force are from Bangladesh of which mostly are Muslims who celebrate Ramadan. During the month of Ramadan, HLCT management pays special attention to all fasting Muslims as they go through their daily work. Being in the field of construction makes it extremely difficult for fasting Muslims as they are constantly battling with the weather and the body fatigue from the labor-intensive work. All fasting Muslim are to declare to their immediate superior if they are fasting that day and will be tasked with less intensive works and non-fasting co-workers be constantly keeping a look out for them.

As part of the company’s tradition (except for year 2020,2021 and 2022 due to Pandemic), HLCT management representative will have Iftar with our workers as a form to show support and identify with them. Simple food, drinks, and fruits have been prepared by fasting workers themselves and shared among the whole workforce regardless fasting or not.
Throughout the years we have learned so much from each other’s culture and respected them as it should be. Fasting Muslim workers have sacrificed having Iftar with their family members back home so that they can provide a better life for them but the least we as management could do is to make them feel at home and celebrate it as a HLCT family.

Fasting or not is not that important. What’s important is the solidarity and sharing that we experience during the Iftar.

HLCT management wishes all our Muslim staffs Ramadan Kereem!

What is Iftar? 

For a whole month, those observing Ramadan have been fasting in the day and observing Iftar at night. But what is Iftar? 

Iftar, also known as futoor (the Arabic word for breakfast), is a meal held every day during Ramadan at sunset. Muslims are expected to fast as it is one of the main pillars of Ramadan, and those observing the holiday do not consume any food or drink between sunrise and sunset. Muslims will break their fast with Iftar after their evening prayer at sunset. 

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Muslim lunar year and the only one mentioned by name in the Qur’an. It is intrinsically linked to the observance of the fourth of the five pillars of Islam. Ramadan is the month of abstinence but beyond fasting, it is a good time for solidarity and sharing.  

Iftar is a celebration with plenty of food with family and friends. Although Ramadan is observed across countries and cultures, the essence and spirit remains the same.

The Hin Lee Big Family
Braving all odds.
It is a definitely something to celebrate as Hin Lee Contractor Trading Pte Ltd (HLCT) work force have not gathered since the Pandemic hits in 2020.

Due to the Pandemic and in line with authority requirement, most of HLCT workers have been spilt into function groups and have since been separated from their friends for long period of time.
Now that Covid-19 has since changed from a Pandemic to Endemic, we are able to re-unite once again as a big family. Friends and co-workers can once again meet up for a game of cricket, walk along Tekka and dine together.

Braving all odds, we will emerge stronger together as a big family. A family away from Home.


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I am Chua Jia Yu, a second-year student at Nayang Technological University (NTU) majoring in Civil Engineering. During my three-month internship as a Civil Engineer at Hin Lee Contractor Trading Pte Ltd (HLCT), I have had the privilege of experiencing one of the most rewarding and motivational periods of my academic and professional journey. This internship has provided me with valuable exposure and insights that I believe will significantly enhance my understanding and application of engineering concepts in my future studies and career.


Hin Lee Contractor Trading Pte Ltd (HLCT) was one of the first contractor that started J108 when we are awarded site clearance and temporary facilities construction contract in Q4 2020. Thereafter, we were awarded precast yard set up, noise barrier construction, traffic diversion, sub/super structure for viaduct (4 piers), and 3.5m wide drains


Hin Lee Contractor Trading Pte Ltd (HLCT) has a long tradition of having our dinner and dance on the 5th or 6th day of the lunar new year or commonly known as “Heng Gang”.
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